"To inspire people and honor places that are the blessings of our nation's legacy; our inheritance extended by green building and sustainability for safety, health and welfare of the humanity and environment for generations."

An initiative under the power of
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques of Saudi Arabia since 2010.


  • 30+ New Businesses providing green goods and services.
  • 30,000,000 Square Meters of LEED certified space in Saudi.
  • 168+ Billion dollars spent on green building projects since 2010.
  • An Estimated 1 Trillion dollars will be spent by 2025.
  • 500+ LEED professionals.
  • 300+ LEED registered projects.


Annual events that identify the emerging investment and employment opportunities associated with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Initiatives for Green Building and Sustainability. SGBF Conferences strategically aligned in-conjunction with Government and Non-Government sponsored by private sector national and international establishments organized by leading events providers, for more information and reservation... coming soon.


Powered by professionals in the field of architecture, engineering and construction providing continuing education and training, instructor-led and online workshops accredited by professional organizations locally and international an SGBF Education Partner providing an exceptional content and delivery platform engage global education in a very powerful way, the world's Green Building and Sustainability at your fingertips with increasing site visitors hits every year, growing... Coming soon


In an association with the world leading independent organizations evaluating, enhancing and honoring projects by reaching at most building efficacy for safety, health and the environment, presented by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' initiatives guideline. SGBF Projects help distinguished owners, consultant and contractor of their achievements of products and services specialized in design-built, operating a high-performance and efficient buildings pursuing green certification that is recognized by sustainability assessments tools. Register your project, coming soon


SGBF Market is driving Green Building movement in the region. We provide our users with access to the worldwide green marketplace. The resources presented by leading authorities, developers, contractors and vendors who are active in delivering sustainable eco-friendly products and services. These products and services take a bio-mimic approach to the design of products and systems. SGBF Market is driving the green building movement in the region in the Middle-East with the largest construction market associated with healthy, and safe products that benefit the environment.

Board of Trustees

Khaled Bin Alwaleed

"I am honored indeed to join as chairman of the elected SGBF Trustee Board and look forward to working with stakeholders in the global environmental movement"

Prince Khaled, a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, an entrepreneur and founder of KBW Investments.

Faisal Alfadl
Secretary General

"SGBF members aim to boost the culture of green building by fostering concepts of sustainability, human health, and the natural environment"

Architect Faisal, an active volunteer in full capacity for the planet's future sustainability and founder of Green Award.

Founding Members

  • ArRiyadh Development Authority
  • Holy Makkah Muni
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Jarir Bookstore
  • Saudi Electric Company
  • Holy Makkah Municipality
  • Arab Urban Development Institute
  • KBW Investments
  • King Saudi Foundation
  • Presidency of Meterology and Environment
  • Schneider Electric